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Anime 3D Print: Best Place To Get Anime Figures


If you are an Anime fan, love anime, and 3d printing, you must continue to read and check out the best place for anime 3d print.

 Anime 3D Print: Best Place To Get Anime Figures

Anime and manga have a very unique artistic style that can’t be found in other media. While the style isn’t completely consistent across anime and manga, as different series can have notably different character designs.

And each year will produce hundreds of different stories, each person can find a story, that will represent his dreams or experience. If you want superhero-like stories, you will get one. If you are more romantic person, there is a story for you. If you are thoughtful person, there is a controversy story for you too. There is a story for every age, sex, likings and etc.

So, there’s an incredibly diverse group of Anime fans out there producing high-quality models based on these shows.

In this list, we have listed some best place you can find anime 3D print model.

We will first look in to some exclusive 3D printable portals specialized for Anime and then extend our search to other portals and look in to anime 3D printable models.

3D printable portals specialized for Anime

Anime 3D print best place 1:Patreon

Anime 3d print from Patreon

Patreon is a way to join your favorite creator’s community and pay them for making the stuff you love. You can find many artists and designers on Patreon, such as oxo3d printing– Anime 3D printmaker.

  • If you join a designer specialized on create an Anime 3D model for the printer, you don’t need to worry about the model is not printable.
  • You can also select the anime characters that you want them to create for you.
  • The price will be from $5-$15 per 2 or 3 models.
  • Since it is a subscription, Patreon will charge you monthly, but you can cancel the payment at any time.

Anime 3D best Place 2: Facebook Group

Anime 3d printing facebook group

Facebook group are spaces on the social media network for friends, acquaintances, or people with similar interests to discuss or share about broad or narrow topics.

You can find many 3D print groups on Facebook, such as you search Anime 3D printing group on Facebook, you can find many anime fans and anime designers in this group talk about anime and 3d printing.

  • You can discuss anime 3d print with people who have the same interest.
  • If you don’t have 3d printer, they can print it for you.
  • You can say what anime model you want in the group, if most people like it, the designers may create that model for crowdfunding.
  • Most 3d print model display in the group is from latest anime and video game.

Other portals with Anime 3D print

Anime 3D print best place 3: Cults3d

Anime 3d print in Cults

Cults is one of the leading websites to download free STL files. The website is a digital marketplace where you can find thousands of 3D models related to anime, cosplay, and more.

You can find Nessa from Pokemon and Lisa cosplay necklace from Genshin Impact.

  • Cults is not specific to anime, cannot find most anime 3d models here.
  • Cults is both a free and paid marketplace for various 3D print models. especially paid models should be printable right off the bat.

Anime 3D print best place 4: Thingiverse

Anime 3d print in Thingiverse

Thingiverse has models from a wide variety of animation and movies. It has a ton of Pokémon models from the authentic to the geometric.

You can find an impressive Ein Pembroke Welsh Corgi from Cowboy Bebop or Scorbunny from Pokemon

  • All the models are Free
  • Since it is free, some models that’s been uploaded without consideration for printing.

Anime 3D print best place 5: MyMinifactory

Anime 3d print in MyMiniFactory

MyMiniFactory offers free files specifically made for 3D printing. Each of the files uploaded to the platform is carefully selected and tested by community members.

  • It is not only for an anime 3d print model platform, but the fan art category helps you drill down to what you’re looking for pretty quickly.
  • Same to cults, it has paid and free model, the paid model is printable.
  • MyMiniFactory is not specific to anime, you cannot find most anime 3d models here.

Anime 3D print best place 6: Cgtrader

Anime 3d print cgtrader

Cgtrader provides 3D models for a variety of uses, it has a search toggle for 3D printable content specifically.

  • It is not only for the anime 3d print model platform, but you can get 3d model for printer results quickly by “3d print” filter.
  • paid models are printable
  • 3d print model price between $5 and $50 per model

Anime 3D print best place 7: Gumroad

Anime 3d print Gumroad

Gumroad is an online platform that facilitates the sale of products by creators directly to consumers.

Many Anime model designer selling their 3D print model in this platform.

  • It is not a only 3d print marketplace.
  • You can get result by search bar, if you know artist shop name, it is easy to find anime 3d print model.
  • Paid model are printable.

Anime 3D print best place 8: Models Resource

Anime 3d print Models Resource

Models Resource provides 3D assets from various video games. You can also find endless models from popular Japanese video games!

  • You can search characters by name, game, and more.
  • Since morels directly from games, they ate not printable, you need to fix them.
  • All models are free

Anime 3D print best place 9: Modelabo

Anime 3d print Modelabo

Modelabo is a Japanese website, similar to thinkgivers

Japanese fans are generally a lot more cautious than overseas fans when it comes to creating something around owned IP. there’s only a handful of models based on existing IP, lots of original character designs can be found here.

  • You must understand and type in Japanese.
  • Not too many existing IP models.
  • All models are free
  • Most models are printable.

Anime 3D print best place 10: TurboSquid

Anime 3d model in TurboSquid

TurboSquid 3D model sites geared toward professionals, and at professional prices, those with deep pockets for the creation of the film, animation, and video game projects, as well as any very expensive 3D printing, will find TurboSquid beneficial.

  • The models price between free and $300.
  • There’s a tag system that’s not that useful for fan art, and little focus on printability, so we weren’t very impressed.
  • TurboSquid serves a lot of markets, so you might end up paying for things you don’t need, like rigging and texturing.
  • Not too much Anime 3d print model.

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