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Top 18 Most Attractive Code Geass Female Characters


Code Geass is a delight for fans who enjoy intrigue and strategy, featuring an incredible array of intelligence and cunning.

And this great anime series would be nothing without its incredible female characters, so let’s count down these top 18 Code Geass female characters. Top 18 Most Attractive Code Geass Female Characters

18. Ayano Kosaka

Ayano is gorgeous, independent, knows how to fight, knows what she wants not afraid to go after it.

She is a skilled KMF pilot and dancer. I love the first outfit she wears with the white hoodie.

From a design point of view, they overdid it with her bust size especially considered that she is only fifteen years old during Akito the Exiled.

But besides her best physical traits are her eyes and hair.

Ayano clearly has gone through losses in the past with past friends and lovers.

And she is not afraid to talk about this nor show her emotions. And this is what I like the most about her.

Her maturity is very impressive for a fifteen-year-old. She clearly had to grow up fast.

Her hairstyles especially the ones with the pigtails are adorable.

Ayano is an incredible woman who is not afraid to cry in the arms of her loved ones and to fight for those she cares about.

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17. Kaguya Sumeragi

Kaguya is definitely one of my personal favorite Code Geass Female characters of how imbalanced and impartial her character is in the story.

She’s a woman of deep personality who can’t be easily read by other characters or even by viewers. She’s intelligent, witty, and politically enlightened despite her young age.

That “I wanna marry Zero” shenanigans is probably one of my favorite parts of her.

She usually uses her young age and cute appearance to deceived people while manipulating things of her own will to achieve her goals which is also benevolent at the end as she’s also able to help other people.

16. Villetta Nu

Villetta was one of the best and loyal characters under the lord of her empire.

At the point when he’s disrespected, she stays faithful to him. This causes her to be distant from the Black Knights and Lelouch.

Villetta is the main individual Lelouch controls and is along these lines presented as a key piece prior.

It’s how she gets in all cases through the account, her faithfulness and becoming hopelessly fascinated with a Black Knight, that makes her so convincing.

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15. Naomi Inoue

Naomi is one of the founding members of the Black Knights.

She is someone that I always found to be attractive aside from the hair, Indigo just looks weird to me.

What’s amazing about Inoue is that from body proportions alone she is way more impressive than Kallen.

But Kallen’s has the prettier face.

14. Shamna

Shamna is the religious leader of the Kingdom of Zilkhstan. Her gorgeous design is the first thing that grabbed my attention.

She has beautiful eyes with a nice shade of blue and nice long blond hair. And of course, she is well endowed like every female character in Code Geass.

Her bust seems to have trouble staying in her clothes though.

Even though she is the villain of the story, she desires to protect her people and her brother Shalio.

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13. Oldrin Zevon

Oldrin Zevon has blonde hair that is kept in at least one ponytail and green eyes.

Before O2, she is often shown either in a very revealing pilot suit or a unique uniform that consists of a buttoned sleeveless shirt, a long-sleeved jacket, and a black and red corset and skirt combination worn over a short white skirt.

Oldrin also wears a military officer-style cap when wearing this unique outfit.

12. Sophie Randle

The first thing you notice with this character is her open shirt revealing her impressive bust.

She’s quite tall and has really nice hair.

Sophie is quite remarkable as a brilliant scientist with a super attractive accent. Sophie stayed with her husband despite the fact that he was in a coma state.

With a body and a mind like Sophie, she could have left her husband and found someone else.

11. Jean Rowe

Jean’s design is so different from the typical Code Geass female characters.

Instead of the typical short or long wavy or straight hair, Jean has nice short bush hairy and the color fits it perfectly.

Jean has a slim athletic body with a small bust with nice glowing skin.

Honestly, it was a nice change of pace to see a powerful woman in Code Geass who did not get a typical anime women’s approach to her design.

10. Empress Tianzi

Tianziis the young Empress of the Chinese Federation, thus far referred to only by the traditional title attributed to the Chinese Emperor. Her real name is ‘Jiang Lihua’

The Empress is a young girl with a slight, timid, and doll-like appearance. She has pale skin, white hair, and red eyes.

Her hair is always up in an elaborate style, and her wardrobe is fit for the puppet empress that she is: beautiful and highly decorative, but not exactly something to work in.

Because she had never been exposed to the outside world and babied for her entire life by the Eunuchs who rule in her place, Tianzi has a very shy and childish air about her. Although she is 13 years old, she could easily be mistaken for a much younger child.

9. Rakshata Chawla

A genius in her own field, she’s that scientist that goes beyond the typical nerdy type.

The sharpness of her tongue in devouring other people’s souls with her words is truly admirable even when enemies, her spirit couldn’t be easily fazed.

Rakshata is someone that today’s people could say as “cool” and “unorthodox” but she’s a woman who knows her strength and use it to help her allies and achieve their goals.

8. Nunnally vi Britannia

When she was a child, she was exiled to Japan alongside her brother Lelouch shortly after being blinded and disabled by bullet fire and trauma.

They took the name Lamperouge, intending to disguise themselves from the monarchy.

She’s one of the main reasons Lelouch decides to rebel against Britannia, wanting to create a world she can be happy in and someday perhaps see.

Sweet, cute, and in need of protection.

Nunnally is the compass by which we measure Lelouch’s wavering morality system.

7. Anya Alstreim

Anya is subtly noted as being a beautiful young girl, with a petite build, pale complexion, light pink hair tied up in a ponytail that always has thick strands of hair that fall next to her face and that also creates bangs on her forehead, and a rouge-red eyes.

She is most often seen wearing a semi-revealing outfit, which consists of a black crop-top with a golden crest of the Britannian Military placed in the center of it.

On top of that, she wears a white vest-like garment that has a stiff collar pointing outwards, the back of her cloak is cut out to reveal her lower back, before joining back together above her hips, and splitting into two different leaf-like shapes and ending just below her knees.

6. Milly Ashford

Milly has a perfect body and face to boot and has no problem proving it either.

Her beautiful face is complemented by her nice blue eyes and blonde hair.

Milly has short hair, too many Code Geass female characters have the most absurd hair lengths. So, it was nice to see something realistic about Milly.

Despite Milly’s perverted mind and the weird club activities that she comes up with, she is not a bad person at heart. She genuinely cares about others especially her friends.

5. Cornelia li Britannia

The Second Princess of the Britannia Dynasty, and Chief General of the Imperial Army, prefers to get her hands dirty.

She frequently engages in combat with her Knightmare Frame, even developing a name for herself – The Witch of Britannia.

She has a strong relationship with her sisters, Euphemia in particular.

Though faithful to her family, she holds some misgivings regarding her brothers and father.

Her mature design, honorable personality, and combat formidability make her one of the standout Princesses of the Britannian family.

4. Euphemia li Britannia

The Third Princess of Britannia, Euphie is a compassionate and significant caring individual.

Adored by her family, and even those Japanese who come to know her, she’s what might be compared to Princess Diana.

She accepts struggle to consistently be avoidable, leaning toward a thoughtful majority rule talk over the carnage.

At the point when she meets the youthful warrior Suzaku Kururugi, she designates him a position in Knight.

Her sympathy for poor people, rich, and solid, makes her a special of harmony.

Everyone loves Euphemia, thus, her figure is one of the most grounded in the series.

3. Shirley Fenette

Shirley has very long hair, as it reaches her hip area.

A large portion of her hair on the left side hangs down over her shoulder. In the middle of her face, another portion of her hair reaches down though it is much shorter than the one on the left.

Her eyes are yellowish-green.

Whenever Shirley is doing her swimming club activities, she ties her hair in a bun and covers it with a swimming cap.

She is above the average height, and slightly taller than Kallen.

Shirley might be your typical female protagonist from different anime series, but she’s more than just her pretty face.

She had that soft spot that makes her a fragile but lovable character in the story.

2. C.C.

C.C. is also quite pretty but she is not like Kallen, Milly, or the other busty women in Code Geass.

She does have nice assets which seem to change depending on if it’s the manga or the anime.

Her body is average but it’s the confidence that she presents herself with that makes her sexy.

For example, how she strips/changes in front of Lelouch.

Her smile is contagious as is her adorable demeanor during the school festivals. And her hairstyles are incredible.

When it comes down to C.C. is just gorgeous. There is a reason why she is on so many top Code Geass female characters lists.

1. Kallen Kozuki

Kallen is No.1 attractive Code Geass female character on our list.

She is a young woman who has a slim yet strong build, and fair skin.

Her most distinguishing features are her big blue eyes and her red hair, which she had combed down at school but spiked up when fighting or in her own privacy.

She’s a trustworthy friend who’ll never abandon her comrades. Throughout the series, we had witnessed her growth as an individual, a major character, and key power to her allies.

Which Code Geass female characters attracted you, let us know in the comments below.

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