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The Cost Of 3D Print Anime Figures (2021 Update)

 The Cost Of 3D Printing - Anime Figure (2021 Update)

Can 3d printers print anime figures?

Yes, you can print anything as long as you have a 3D model.

Then you may have a next question how much does it cost to print the anime figure?

Short answer is it depends.

3d printing can cost anywhere from $3 up to thousands of dollars. The cost can be affected by material, model complexity, time, and labor effect.

If you have a 3d model and ready to print out, you can follow my quoting system to calculate how much it will cost to print anime figures.

Factors That Affect The Price of 3D Print Anime Figures

Cost Of Buying And Running A 3D Printer

Anet A8 Desktop FDM 3D Printer
Anet A8 Desktop FDM 3D Printer

if you are starting a 3d printing business and want to earn some money from print anime figures, you need to purchase a 3D printer.

Currently, 3d printers can cost between $99 to $150,000 depending on the 3d printer technology being used.

There are 3 types of 3d printing:

The price is FDM < SLA < SLSL

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3D Model

Without the 3D model, it is tough to come up with an accurate quote for a 3d print even for seasoned veterans.

Want Anime 3D Print Model STL?

Model volume

The lager volume print cost more, because more filament needs.

Therefore, one of comment way to reduce the cost is hollow your model.

3D prints are not solid parts with 100% plastic infill. The most common infill rate is 20%.

If you want to make your parts stronger and heavier, the price will boost accordingly to the increase of the infill.

If you do not need the part to be too strong and/or heavy, it is better to decrease the infill and hence, reduce the price.


Red part is 3D Print model wall too thin
Red part is 3D Print model wall too thin

Not all the 3d models are print- ready.

Before print any models, we need check 3D model in 3d printing software, make sure the walls were not too thin (should not less then 0.7mm) and have loose joints.

if print the model that have a problem will cost more money in material.


It is important to consider time spent printing and electricity consumed.

Normally, a 3D printer consumes the same amount of electricity as a working fridge.

If the 3d model size is larger, it might take a couple of days or even weeks to print.

Type Of Material

Difference type of 3D print Material
Difference type of 3D print Material

The materials that you choose matters when it comes to the cost of 3d printing.

Different brands have different prices for their filaments – and sometimes it contributes to the quality of the final product.

ABS and PLA are one of the most common plastics, and therefore the price for spool is one of the lowest. 

Most Anime figure Hobbyists love these thermoplastics as they are cheap. These filaments can cost between $20 to $70 per kg.

However, if you going to paint your figure or make your figure looks smoother, you need to spend more time polishing the PLA print figure.

Resin is the best 3d printing material and would give you the best quality 3d print.

However, at the same time, resin material can get quite costly.

Standard resin cost $50 per liter, some resin materials can go up to $300 per liter.


Resin 3d print support
Resin 3d print support

After print the anime figure, need to take time remove the supports.

The 3d model matters as it could affect post-processing.

Some models are so complex that the generated supports are very hard to clean. It would take some expertise and a lot of patience for someone to clean these prints.

Calculation Of 3D Print Anime Figures Costs: Example

Faye Valentine Anime 3D Print
Faye Valentine Anime 3D Print
Faye Valentine.STL3D PrintingQtyPrice
150MMFormlabs Standard Resin (SLA)
Color : Grey
Faye Valentine.STL Anime 3D print quotation

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Marnie Pokemon 3D Print
Marnie Pokemon 3D Print
Marnie Pokemon STL3D PrintingQtyPrice
150MMFormlabs Standard Resin (SLA)
Color : Grey
Marnie Pokemon STL Anime 3D print quotation

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