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47 Hot Pictures Of Faye Valentine Prove She is a Sexy Lady


These 47 Faye Valentine hot pictures will surely leave you mesmerized and shocked.

The hottest images and photos of Faye Valentine are sexy and cool as hell.

Faye Valentine From Cowboy Bebop 3D Print Model - oxo3d
Faye Valentine From Cowboy Bebop 3D Print Model – oxo3d

Cowboy Bebop is an upcoming Netflix Original live-action sci-fi series based on the manga of the same name by author Hajime Yatate.

In Cowboy Bebop, the major Characters include Spike Spiegel, Jet Black , Fay Valentine, Edward and Ein.

Faye Valentine is a fun role in this Anime.

she is an amnesiac who was cryogenically frozen in the 21st Century and awakened in this far future with no memory of her old life or identity.

Now she’s a space-faring con artist looking for the big score that would pay off her horrendous debts, eventually becoming a member of the bounty hunting crew aboard the Bebop because there’s nothing else to do.

“Faye Valentine” isn’t even her real name, it’s the one that was given to her when she was thawed out and couldn’t remember her name.

Although appearing to be no more than 23 years old, Faye is actually around 77 years old.

Faye having been put into cryogenic freeze after a space shuttle accident, wherein she spent fifty-four years in suspended animation.

During her adventures on the Bebop, Faye crosses paths with Spike and Jet twice and makes herself at home aboard their ship the second time around, much to the consternation and disapproval of the two men, both of whom have their own reservations about women in general.

She is often seen with a cigarette and in a revealing outfit complete with bright yellow hot pants and a matching, revealing top (and, on occasion, a bikini).

Faye also excels with guns, and is first seen in the series completely destroying a shop with a Heckler & Koch MP5K, though she is immediately apprehended afterward.

She has many bad habits, such as drinking, habitual gambling, smoking cigarettes and occasionally cigars, becoming unnecessarily violent, and turning on partners when the profits seem too skimpy.

Sarcastic and presumptuous, she rarely appears weak or in need of support. She brags and takes care of herself, never trusting others, cheating and lying her way from one day to the next.

She also shows herself capable of unpredictable behavior, as when she kissed Edward on the mouth to snap Edward from one of her rambling moments.

Faye Valentine From CowBoy Bebop

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