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Marnie Pokemon 3D Print Model(STL Files for 3D Printer)


1. Marnie Pokemon 3D Print Model Description

Marnie Pokemon 3D print model STL file have 2 packages.

Package 01: includes Standard, Swim Suit, and NSFW 3 different outfits.

Package 02 : Jacket with Bag Version

Each figures will provide whole model and split version.

Marnie Pokemon 3D Print Model Package 01

Marnie Pokemon 3D Print Model Package 02

2. Order Marnie Pokemon STL Package

Package 01 : 3 Figures for $12

Package 02: 1 Figure for $8

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4. Questions Relate to Our 3D Print Models

What is 3D Print file / 3D Printing Model?

3D print file / 3D Printing Model is for 3D printer, as long as you have a 3D printer, you can print them out.
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What size I can print out?

All the 3D print files are digital files, you can print them out at any size of your choice.
We will provide two files for each character , which is whole model and split model. So even your printer size small , still is able to print big size.

What I will receive?

You will receive STL 3D File.

When I will receive the 3D model files?

If you order from our website , we will send the files to your email within 48 hours.
You will receive the files immediately if you order from Cults.

I don’t want the 3D print file, can I have the physical product with paint?

Yes, we can print and paint them, once done, will ship it to you. Please contact us and tell us what size you would like to get it printed.

I like other Anime character, can you create them for me?

Yes, join our Facebook group. Every month we will create two or three new 3D Models for 3D printer, tell us what character you would be interested?
Based on that we can create the model and we will crowdfund it. Feel free to let me know the character that you would like to get modeled.
Read the benefit of join our Facebook group if you want to know about us.

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