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My Hero Academia Season 5 Is Plan To Release


The release date is unknown, but the next My Hero Academia season is definitely on the way.

Translating to English, the tweet reads, “The fifth season of Hiroaka comes! My Hero Academia TV anime 5th production decision! New visuals are also lifted!”

My Hero Academia Season 5: Release Date

The show, My Hero Academia, by giving away its great four seasons, earned lots of fame and love from its viewer’s side, that now, everyone is eagerly waiting for the show’s next season.

Despite the fact, that the series was renewed for its fifth grand season much before the time after the season 4th launch, still there have no official announcements regarding the show’s launch.

According to many famous sources, it can be assumed that the show is going to be launched latest by 2021 or it can amaze its fans by coming up in late 2020.

In truth, there have been no confirmations regarding any of these reports, so no one can exactly say when the show would get launch for its new upcoming season.

So be away from the false rumors!!

My Hero Academia Season 5: Storyline

Assuming the fifth season will maintain My Hero Academia’s close following of it’s manga counterpart, we can guess that Season 5 will pick up during the joint training arc.

During this part of the story, Midoriya and the rest of class 1-A join up with 1-B to do some more leveling up and honing of their abilities.

Season 5 might also cover some of the Meta Liberation Army arc, which gets into Tomura Shigaraki’s backstory as well as new moves made by his crew, The League Of Villains.

My Hero Academia Season 5: CAST

Here’s the list of famous and expected characters that can be seen in new season 5, they are :

  • Izuku Midoriya
  • Ochako Uraraka
  • Katsuki Bakugou
  • Shigaraki Tomura
  • Shouto Todoroki
  • Momo Yaoyorozu
  • Tsuyu Asui 
  • Tenya Ida

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