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Persona 5 Strikers Goes All-Out In Stylish New Gameplay Trailer


The musou-inspired spin-off is bringing with it many of the traditional Persona 5 elements you love.

It’s been a long time coming, but Persona 5 Strikers is finally launching in the West on February 20, and a new trailer shows just how chaotic its musou-inspired fights can get.

In the vein of Dynasty Warrior titles, Persona 5 Strikers will load the screen with enemies for you to mow down, tying Persona 5’s RPG systems to the hack and slash action.

That includes the game’s signature All-Out attacks, which let each of your party’s members team-up to unleash a devastating attack. That, and they just look incredibly stylish doing it, too.

In GameSpot’s Persona 5 Strikers hands-on preview, editor Michael Higham found comfort in revisiting the likable cast of characters, while also experiencing a game without the time-sensitive stresses from the RPG.

“To be clear, it can still be quite the challenge to make it to new checkpoints to progress within a dungeon, since the focus shifts to overcoming some difficult battles in between.

That’s enough to encourage you to swap party members and get the most out of each character. The fact that this cast is more than just Joker really comes through in Strikers, too.”

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