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Top 40 Anime Waifu Will Make You Fall In Love With Them (2021)


The dictionary meaning for the term ‘waifu’ is a fictional female character in Anime/Cartoon/Video-game franchise that one has affection and even sexual attraction for.  Top 40 Anime Waifu Will Make You Fall In Love With Them (2021)

Anime waifu is a wife material or an attractive anime character you have romantic feelings for. A waifu is an anime babe with the attributes you would love in a real person.

So, without further ado, here is a list of the top anime waifu of 2021.

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The List Of Top Anime Waifu Of 2021

1. Erza Scarlet – Fairy Tail

A fan favorite from the Fairy Tail series and to top our list is Erza Scarlet!

Essentially one of the strongest characters in the Fairy Tail universe who quite literally has the ability to become a hero and also go to the dark side.

That’s how complex her character is. Erza has an unbridled affinity towards weapons and armor.

Her battle stats are near perfect! She is a powerful swordsman, excels in speed, power, and intelligence as well.

Erza can also be a girl, she is also insecure about herself, and most of all, she cannot hold her drink straight!

Of course, she is kind and caring as well, but on the battlefield, you need to steer clear of her!

Erza defines strength and is a beautiful woman, which is why she tops our list!

2. Emilia – Re:Zero

Emilia is the best girl.

She is the center of debate whenever weebs talk about their favorite waifu. Surprisingly, Emilia has been around for so long and she still manages to skip a beat of her fanboys.

Covered in white from head to toe, Emilia is the waifu who will take care of you even if you hate her.

She is pure, sweet and her humbleness can melt your anger at any given time.

If you ask me, she is the perfect top anime waifu that will exist whenever we need her.

3. Akeno Himejima – Highschool DxD

Akeno is one of the sexiest characters in one of the best ecchi anime shows.

I was confused between adding Rias Gremory and Akeno in this list, and I went with Akeno because I personally think she’s a better waifu material!

She loves her friends and would do her best to protect them but she is also sadistic and masochistic. She loves causing her enemies pain and feels pleasure when she deals serious harm to her enemies. She loves teasing her friends, but she also has a very loving side and can melt like butter when she is around someone she loves.

4. Asuna Yuuki – Swort Art Online

Mikasa Ackerman, the character who has suffered a lot in her past and has a strong will to move forward without being affected by anything.

A strong and fit body with black hair and beautiful eyes.

She is a part of a war, wears her ammunition and uniform has to carry a lot of things with her to fight the Titans.

After her parent’s murder by human traffickers, it was a tough journey for her. However, she managed to be positive and cheerful. She also becomes a female Titan. Being a part of the military, she has to always be on guard.

She has a strong sense of right and wrong. She always takes care of her close ones and remains on their side no matter what. She hopes for a better world. A 19-year-old girl with moral righteousness deserves to be one of the favorite Waifu.

5. Kyouko Hori – Horimiya

The actual waifu who has been consistently getting a lot of love, Hori made it on our list.

She has such a nice personality, but when it comes to her love for Izumi, she’s never letting anyone get nearer.

With such beautiful brown hair and a cute personality, no one can even argue the fact that she’s one of the cutest top anime waifus of 2021.

Hori has an energetic personality and she’s capable enough to secure 90% marks in her exams. Sounds pretty awesome, right?

In general, she’s working hard in almost every aspect of her life.

But too bad, she’s already got a boyfriend. However, no caps, she’s one of the best waifus we can expect to see this year.

6. Lucy Heartfilia – Fairy Tail

Lucy once belonged to a wealthy family but due to her unfurling relationship with her father, she runs away from the wealth and the estate to make a life of her own.

Lucy knows her sex appeal works wonders for her and she uses it to get almost everything, she is also portrayed as this snobby girl.

Despite giving vanity more importance, Lucy is also kind to others and also her Celestial Spirits.

Unlike the others, she actually takes efforts in wanting to make her spirits happy!

Lucy is a beautiful and voluptuous girl with blonde hair and brown eyes.

7. Chika Fujiwara – Kaguya-sama: Love is War

If you are the energetic kind, Chika is your match.

This babe is always happy and carries a smile on her face all the time. She has childish tendencies, and this has made people underestimate her intelligence.

Chika loves to have fun and devices ways to which she can achieve this. The best thing about her is how much she believes in love!

8. Saber – Fate/Stay Night

Saber does not like to be treated like a woman, and this is the unique thing that makes her worthy of being an anime waifu.

Saber is strong, brave, and truthful to an extent. Plus she is is passionate and dedicated to what she puts her mind to, but she won’t achieve her goals in an underhanded manner.

Apart from being cute and gorgeous, she’s also a fierce warrior who shouldn’t be underestimated!

9. Roxy Migurdia – Mushoku Tensei

A mage from the Migurd race and a former magic tutor.

Due to her inability to do telepathy, she leaves her village, being struck with the feeling of left out.

She soon chooses to become a traveling tutor since she cannot make money and becomes Rudeus’s teacher.

She is a young, thin Migurd woman with a short height. Having pale skin and light blue colored hairs with eyes being the same color.

She wears a robe and hat; being a magician, her body looks more like a teenager, making people mistake her as a teenager, yet she was a mature woman. She was a headstrong girl when she left her home; with an adventurous side to her personality, she left her home searching for work.

An intelligent and intellectual trait is her part of the personality, quick learner and a keen focus on improving her skills.

10. Miku Nakano – 5-toubun no Hanayome

Miku Nakano is referred to as a child of God, is in her early 20s, and is an adorable girl.

She has blue eyes and pinkish hair. She has a beautiful body and is a little plump too.

Having special Milo power through which she can access people’s memory and learn everything about them by just looking in their eyes. She was called Miko after everybody realized her powers.

Archbishop used her as a trump card to compete against Cliff’s grandfather.

Her powers cannot be used without Archbishop’s permission. Her ability is used generally for interrogations.

Along with this ability, she can also talk with people by sending messages using her powers. She seems to have a weak fate. But is definitely a popular Waifu these days.

11. Chizuru Ichinose -Rent a Girlfriend

If you have fantasized about renting a beautiful lady to be your girlfriend, Chizuru is your girl.

She is without a doubt one of the best anime waifus right now! She has two personalities, the one she truly is and the one she uses in her rent-a-girlfriend job.

Naturally, Chizuru is an intelligent babe with a bit of deviousness. In her rent a girlfriend persona, she is sweet, calm, and kind.

She also can be clingy although she has gotten over this, but who knows, she could love you enough for that aspect of her to resurface.

12. Nino Nakano – 5-toubun no Hanayome

A twin butterfly-shaped ribbon wearing girl in the show The Quintessential Quintuplets.

She acts as the mother of her sisters, being one of the important parts of their life who takes care of them by doing daily chores.

She is a cold looking but cute girl with her hair length up to her waist. She has pinkish hair.

The fact that she is most fashionable among her sister keeps her to be the best among them all.

13. Yuno Gasai Mirai Nikki / Future Diary

The main female protagonist of Future Diary, Yuno Gasai is the owner of ‘Yukiteru Diary / the Diary of Future Love’.

Yuno’s obsession with Yukiteru, the hero of the series in a little weird. Yuno is like two sides of the same coin.

Around Yukiteru she is this shy, timid almost feminine-like girl. But when he isn’t around, she is this cold, deadpan and calculative personality.

This is because of her parent’s death before the Survival Games began. Yuno is a character shrouded in mystery and you’d never know how she’d strike next, so much so as to even giving death threats to the person who comes in between her and Yukiteru.

She has long pink hair tied in pigtails and pink eyes. She is normally seen in a blue shirt and skirt with high socks.

If crazy if your jam, Yuno is your waifu.

14. Yoruichi Shihouin- Bleach

The supporting character of the Bleach series, Yoruichi is the former Captain of the 2nd Division of the Gotei and also the former commander of the Onmitsukido.

Phew! That’s a tough girl right there. But she abandons those posts to work at Urahara Shop, in the human world.

She holds a tonne of information about the Soul Society and is extremely witty yet calm and mature.

Yoruichi is also able to transform into a human from her black cat form as well.

She is the most powerful Hoho master in all of Soul Society as well as a Hakuda Master, is efficient in Shunko, and Shank swordsman expert.

Her Zanpakuto has achieved Bankai but she relies on her abilities most of the time during battles.

Oh, you can only be in awe of such strong waifus making it on the list!

15. Mirajane Strauss – Fairy Tail

We are introduced to Mirajane as ‘The Demon’, she was feared amongst everything that could move.

She even had a rivalry with Erza as a young girl. She was a loudmouth and would disrespect quite literally everyone.

During this time, she was quite confused if she really was human. But after the death of Lisanna, her younger sister, Mirajane changed.

She became calmer and began losing her magical powers. She is now this loving and kind person.

She even becomes this maternal figure for the guild. Now, a changed Mirajane’s only aim to protect those she considers close to her and even those who are strangers.

According to Comicbook.com Fairy Tail’s character popularity polls, Mirajane stood at #12 behind!

16. Mai Sakurajima – Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Mai Sakurajima is one hot bunny. Although she dresses in a bunny costume, don’t be fooled by it because Mai is a solemn person.

She is the sort of person who would help her lover build a wonderful life. She is kind, polite, caring, and supportive.

But she is also emotional and capable of violent outbursts, although she prefers not to deal with her emotions and prefer hiding them.

Thus, being in a relationship with this pretty anime waifu can be tasking as you would have to do a lot of encouragement to get her to express herself.

17. Shuna -That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Shuna is a princess and is more than a worthy anime waifu. She isn’t your average do-nothing princess because she is a very skillful mage who uses magic efficiently.

She is brilliant, she loves responsibility and she delights at being trusted with something and doesn’t like being sheltered and protected.

Shuna accepts herself as a princess, and she acts regally. However, she isn’t pompous or prideful at all!

18. Kohaku – Dr.Stone

Kohaku from Dr. Stone: Stone Wars is a young woman of modern human descendants who is the daughter of Kokuyo and sister of Ruri.

She brings Senku to her village to rebel against Tsukasa’s tyrannical empire.

Senku fascinates villagers with his extraordinary talent for inventing and innovating things. He became the savior of the village. Kohaku is one of the main protagonists in the anime.

She has blond hair with a spiked ponytail and blue eyes. She shares a resemblance to her sister Ruri. She is naturally beautiful and kindhearted.

Taking care of her sister and being one of the most loyal personality. She tends to fight for her sister and is willing to take up any challenge to help her village.

Sometimes she also shows her other side, which is definitely opposite to what she seems to be—an angry and aggressive character, which adds to her charisma.

19. Zero Two – Darling in the Franxx

A human-klaxo sapiens hybrid, Zero Two is the deuteragonist of the series, Darling in the Franxx.

Zero Two had a rough upbringing being a hybrid as many viewed her as a monster, but those who know her and who did not treat her like a monster, she comes across as a happy and cheerful girl.

However, Zero Two is a dangerous character and can be pretty ruthless, unruly, and smug.

Even though her memories of the darling were erased. Her eyes shine red when she’s pissed even though she’s wearing a limiter headband with two horns jutting out.

She is often seen wearing a signature red military uniform, white boots with black leggings.

20. Mikasa Ackerman – Attack on Titan

Mikasa Ackerman, the character who has suffered a lot in her past and has a strong will to move forward without being affected by anything. A strong and fit body with black hair and beautiful eyes.

She is a part of a war, wears her ammunition and uniform has to carry a lot of things with her to fight the Titans.

After her parent’s murder by human traffickers, it was a tough journey for her.

However, she managed to be positive and cheerful. She also becomes a female Titan. Being a part of the military, she has to always be on guard. She has a strong sense of right and wrong.

She always takes care of her close ones and remains on their side no matter what. She hopes for a better world. A 19-year-old girl with moral righteousness deserves to be one of the favorite Waifu.

21. Minori Kushieda – Toradora

Maybe one of the coolest characters on the list, Minori is this fun, hardworking, and idealist little girl.

Captain of the softball team who holds at least four jobs to support her dream of one day joining the national softball league.

But she also does it because she doesn’t want to become a burden on anyone.

She is athletic, always positive, and knows how to turn a bad set of events and still remain positive about it.

She is an absolute foodie and claims that she is always on diet, but alas.

Even though she may seem an airhead once in a while, she is extremely perceptive and is able to help those around her.

You could say that she does all of these things to hide the sadness beneath her, that’s what makes a supremely strong character on the series.

She is a beautiful young teen with amaranth hair and eyes who is normally seen in her school uniform.

In a Crunchyroll, Toradora popularity poll, Minori ranked #3 with 40 votes amongst the rest of the characters.

22. Rem – Re: ZERO

Of course, she had to feature on this list! Rem is probably the waifu-est of all waifus ever!

Rem may seem sweet and polite on the surface but she acts without thinking most of the time.

She holds the guilt of wanting to feel important after the incident with Ram making her accept the fact that she may be the weaker of the two.

After Subaru saves her from a near-death experience, Rem falls in love with and supports him no matter what.

Being a magic user just like her sister, Rem has healing abilities but she can be pretty fierce in her Oni state.

She wields a Morningstar that helps her attack enemies from a distance and engage in close combat as well.

You know you want someone like her in your life, right?

23. Himiko Toga – My Hero Academia

Most would find Himiko Toga very creepy, but I grudgingly admit she has qualities to be a top-tier anime waifu.

If you are the type who isn’t creeped out by girls with a disturbed mind, then she is someone you would crush on.

Himiko would go to any length for the cause she believes in and even though she is erratic, she is brilliant and intelligent.

Despite her sadistic persona, she is a cheery and carefree person.

24. Shinobu Kochou – Demon Slayer

Just at her appearance alone, you would want to wife this hot anime waifu, but underneath her calm, sweet & sexy looks is a woman capable of intense hatred.

You do not want to be on the wrong side of this chick. Her cheerful demeanor is a mask over her ever-present anger and hatred for demons who took everything away from her when she was young.

Shinobu can be a little sadistic when dealing with demons but also really kind to the people she loves and admires.

25. Akame – Akame Ga Kill

It is only natural to fantasize about being in a relationship with Akame from Akame Ga Kill, as she is as human as they come.

She is a shapely, sexy, and powerful lady who has seen hell but manages to cling to her humanity.

Apart from being fierce and deadly, she is also homely and absolutely loves cooking.

You won’t starve with her in your life, but you must be ready to buy her lots of food as she loves eating a lot of food.

She acts cold most of the time, but she is an emotional person, especially when it involves her friends.

26. Raphtalia – The Rising of the Shield Hero

I love isekai shows but The Rising of the Shield Hero made me fall in love more with the genre.

It has all kinds of characters, with different personalities and varying world views, and one of these characters is Raphtalia who is without a doubt one of the best anime waifus right now!

If you don’t mind your babe having a cute tail and fuzzy dog hair, then you can dream on Raphtalia all you want.

Just don’t mess with her as she could cut you up with her katana. Just kidding, Raphtalia is not a psychopath.

She is a sweet, beautiful girl who still has excellent morals despite her traumatic past and is often disappointed when her master does things she disapproves of.

27. Megumin – Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! / Konosuba

An Arch-Wizard in the fantasy world, Megumin belongs to the Crimson Demon Clan.

Being one of the main characters from the series and sharing eccentric traits from the Demon Clan, Megumin has a flair for being a little too extra most of the time.

She often boasts about her powers which irritates Kazuma on many occasions. Even though she is very powerful she is slightly childish as well.

She is hell-bent on using Explosion magic so much so that she uses all of her strength only for this particular move.

Being naturally gifted, Megumin is the better team player in Kazuma’s team. On the MyWaifuList.moe website, Megumin has 10560 users like her as their waifu!

28. Rin Tohsaka – Fate Series

The deuteragonist of the Fate Series, Rin Tohsaka comes from the imminent Tohsaka Family.

She is the Master Archer who participates in the Fifth Holy Grail War since her father succumbed to mortal injuries in the Fourth War a decade ago.

Rin is level-headed, competitive, and is a model student in her school. She hones this deep sense of honor to respect the family and the legacy of the Tohsaka family and will go to any lengths to protect it.

When you watch the series, you can see how arrogant and elitist she can be but in all to keep her privacy intact and to protect those around her.

According to Manga Tokyo Poll held in 2018, Rin was the third most popular character from the entire franchise!

29. Kyoka Jiro – Boku no Hiro Akademia / My Hero Academia

From the popular anime series, My Hero Academia, we have Kyoka Jiro. A quirky character from the series who is an efficient swordsman is very intelligent scoring great results in the school exams.

To add to that, she can also play the bass guitar and the guitar as well.

Kyoka comes across as a no-nonsense and chill-out personality, but she loves to tease others around that can seem a little irritating.

One of her quirks is that she has these Earphone Jacks hanging from her earlobes that when connected to a surface can create a violent vibration attack just from her heartbeat!

How cool is that! Apart from that, she also has these other super moves such as the Counter Balance, Heartbeat Distortion, and Heartbeat Surround.

She always wears this lazy look on her face with triangular onyx eyes.

She has short dark purple hair and has these reflections shaped like heartbeat monitors on either side of her head.

In her hero costume, she wears a black leather jacket, and a long t-shirt, and black pants with boots.

30. Yoko Littner – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

From the popular series, Gurren Lagen, Yoko Littner is your girl if you’re into a girl wielding a wide range of firearms.

Yoko is portrayed as this level-headed, calculative and knowledgeable woman who is mature and caring at the same time.

She is touted as an excellent rifleman; a reputation is proud to have earned. Yoko has long red hair tied into a ponytail with bangs on the right side of her face, she has amber eyes and very mature features.

You also see her wearing a cracked skull as a hair accessory and two yellow chopsticks that use as melee weapons.

31. Milim Nava – Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken

Milim Nava is the cutest demon lord in the entire “That Time I got Incarnated as a slime” series. She looks young and likes to show off her powers to her opponents.

Though she can be controlled by feeding her good food, however, once she loses her mind, she causes destruction like no other demon lord.

Milim has cute pink hair and a tiny body that gives space for her childish and bratty character design.

32. Shion – Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken

Shion is another waifu from “That Time I got Incarnated as a slime” and she belongs to the same clan as her partner Shuna.

After searching for the demon lord who destroyed her family, Shion meets Rimuru tempest. After a fair share of mishaps, Shion ends as the secretary to Rimuru in the new kingdom of monsters.

Shion has a sexy body and she sports a big horn on her forehead indicating that she is a powerful Majin from the nation of monsters.

33. Hayase Nagatoro – Nagatoro

Everyone, please welcome our naughty girl of the year, Hayase Nagatoro.

The new anime series “Don’t Bully Me, Miss Nagatoro” is the high school version of “Teasing Master Takagi-san”.

Hayase Nagatoro is one of the two protagonists in the story and she has been the center of attention when the news about the anime adaption broke out last year.

Amid the popularity of the manga, Telecom Animation Film finally adapted the manga into an anime series.

Nagatoro has silky brown hair and her smirk face gives complement to her cute and funny personality of not caring about the world. Reminds of Axel from Axel Saga!

34. Hiyori Iki – Noragami

When you see Hiyori, you see someone who is incredibly selfless. Her introduction to the Noragami anime saw her saving a small-time god, Yato, from being hit by a bus.

Hiyori is a fun girl with a high moral sense and often calls people out when wrong. She has a very fierce loyalty to her friends and would put herself on the line for their safety.

If you want to woo someone like Hiyori, make sure you are responsible and not lazy, as she dislikes lazy people.

35. Rory Mercury – GATE

This hot anime waifu is for you if you are the kind that is into goth chicks and strong scythe-wielding ladies.

Don’t worry though, this hot demigoddess, who’s hundreds of years old, won’t use her weapon on you if you are not a bad person, and she can be super friendly.

Rory’s unique thing is her ability to make a great personal sacrifice for someone she loves.

An example of this is her delaying her rise as a full goddess to spend more time with her love interest Itami.

36. Rei Hino – Sailor Moon

Of course, there had to be at least one Sailor Moon character on the list!

Rei Hino or also known as Sailor Mars in the series is a kind-hearted but hot-headed young girl.

Her character was drastically changed for the anime series than her portrayal in the manga.

Rei wants to become a world-hopping business entrepreneur to even becoming a musical idol.

She may be a tad bit ignorant of others but is extremely supportive of Sailor Moon and always shows her the most affection.

She has beautiful long black locks and black eyes to complement her fair skin.

Japanese broadcasters, NHK asked their viewers to pick their most favorite characters from the Sailor Moon franchise.

37. Mine – Akame Ga Kill! 

From the critically acclaimed, Akame Ga Kill! Mine is another key member of the Night Raid.

Adorning bright hot pink hair tied in twin tails, huge pink eyes and also wears a pink outfit with a high collar and a pink shawl.

She is hot-headed and can get easily irritated. She can normally also seem aggressive, cold, and overemotional.

She would tease Tatsumi in the beginning since he was the newest member of the assassin’s group but later, well let’s just say many shipped their relationship.

Of course, being two sides of a coin, she can also warm and kind but only to those who she considers close to her.

Also, having foreign blood in her, she wants the world to be rid of racial discrimination since she was often a target of hate herself.

38. Winry Rockbell – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Winry Rockbell will pick you up when you are down and give you the emotional support you need.

She is that girl that won’t let your wallow in your failure and would give you reasons to continue to fight.

Winry is a beautiful babe but not your typical blondie. She can act like a tomboy.

She is a very wilful, passionate person who loves her job as an automail mechanic and she is very skillful at it. She is a moral and responsible person who isn’t afraid of making tough choices.

39. Kallen Kozuki / Kallen Stadtfeld – Code Geass

This feisty character from the Code Geass universe is maintaining a stronghold in your hearts just as she has in the series.

Kallen is a bold, rebellious and determined fighter. She is half Britannian and Japanese. Kallen had a rough childhood after the loss of their brother, which also affected her relationship with her parents.

But over time, she manages to fix things for the better. Kallen is instrumental in the fight for Japan’s liberation, something that her brother was aiming to do.

She is kind and caring but is a fearful fighter as well being a great tactician and pilots the Knightframe brilliantly.

40. Uryuu Minene – Mirai Nikki / Future Diary

Minene, holder of the Ninth Diary known as the Escape Diary. Minene would often write possible escape routes in her diary in areas that planned on attacking.

She is a great tactician and makes deductions pretty quick in her head. Living most of her life alone, Minene feels like she needs nobody in her life and also ends up self-loathing herself.

She is an expert terrorist and is skilled in C4 bombs and other explosives. She is great with disguising herself as whoever she needs to be in order to carry out her attack without being noticed.

She is a young woman with a patch over her beautiful purple eyes that she loses during a battle.

She has purple hair and is seen wearing a sleeveless jacket with jeans and a tank top.

Which anime waifu you like , let us know in the comments below.

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